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How To Lower Blood Pressure With Natural Herbal Medicines

There are many good ways of reducing high blood pressure if you prefer not to take the prescription medicine recommended by your doctor. Natural herbal medicines are readily available that can lower blood pressure as effectively as prescription drugs.

The first thing you should understand, however, is that if you are diagnosed with hypertension, it is important to get your blood pressure under control as quickly as possible. If that means taking what your doctor prescribes until you find a suitable alternative, then you should do that. Your health should always take priority.

It is also important to know that there is nothing magical about certain herbs. It's just that some herbs contain nutrients and substances that naturally act on the heart or blood vessels to bring about a lowering of your blood pressure.

The action brought about by these herbs is therefore a natural one, which most people find more acceptable than the various medications that have been "designed" to combat high blood pressure. This is coupled with the fact that most prescription medications have unpleasant side effects, while natural herbal treatments usually do not.

Which Herbs Can Help to Lower My Blood Pressure?

There's quite a long list, actually. Some work better than others, of course, and some work really well in combination with others. It can often be a good idea to take several different kinds of herbs, ones that complement each other well.

You can often find a product that has already done this for you. The herbs used will have been processed in a powdered form, and will be compacted into tablets. You will usually have to take two or three tablets a day for the formula to work at its optimum level. The big advantage of taking tablets is that they are an exactly measured dosage, so you can't inadvertently take too much one day and too little the next.

Here is a list of herbs known to be beneficial in lowering high blood pressure. This is not an exhaustive list, but one that includes some of the best herbs you can take:

  • Hawthorn berry - has procyanidins and flavonoids, substances that are known to help reduce blood pressure.
  • Daikon seed extract - helps to normalize blood pressure and helps to maintain your heart in a healthy condition.
  • Chinese holly leaf extract - is known to lower blood pressure and relieve stress levels when taken regularly as a tea infusion.
  • Garlic - helps to stimulate blood circulation, thereby helping to lower high blood pressure, and it is also known to be good for the heart generally.
  • Coriander - is known for its ability to help clean out arteries, contains flavonoids and helps to lower cholesterol, thereby helping to lower blood pressure.
  • Ginkgo biloba - contains flavonoids and terpenoids, which together can help to increase the flow of blood through the blood vessels, thereby helping to alleviate high blood pressure.
  • Ginger - acts as an antioxidant, reducing cholesterol and acting as a blood thinner, which all helps enormously to lower blood pressure.
  • Mistletoe - has been shown in studies to significantly reduce high blood pressure.
  • Olive leaf - has been shown in trials to have significant anti-hypertensive properties.
  • Indian snakeroot - contains resperpine, which is known to counteract a group of hormones known as catecholamines that can increase blood pressure.
  • Dandelion - acts as a natural diuretic to lower body fluids and sodium levels, thereby helping to lower blood pressure.

Is There Anything Else I Can Do to Help Lower my Blood Pressure?

In a word, yes. Taking the right herbs will definitely help a lot. However, doing that on its own may not be enough. You may have to view the process as a holistic one where every little thing you do will add to the overall effect, which will then make a significant difference.

In this respect, changing your lifestyle can be one of the biggest factors in bringing about the change in your blood pressure that you want. When people think about changing their lifestyle they usually envision drastic changes. It does not have to be like that to bring about a real measurable effect that seriously benefits your body.

For example, instead of jogging at dawn, losing sleep and sweating to the point of collapse, which is more likely to bring on a heart attack than help it, why not walk briskly for 45 minutes each day? It has been shown that this is the minimum required to make a real difference to your heart.

Think of it this way. What do you normally do for 45 minutes in your leisure time each day? Do you watch TV? Do you go to your local bar for a couple of drinks? Do you do nothing? Well, none of those things will help you, but a brisk 45 minute walk each day most definitely will!

You don't need to jog each morning. You don't need to go down to your local gym and workout with weights, treadmills, or whatever. A brisk, and enjoyable, 45 minute walk a day is all you need to make a huge difference to your blood pressure level.

You are what you eat, the saying goes, and it's so very true. That's why you should eat more - much more - fruit and vegetables. Eat the dark green leafy vegetables if you can. Eat apricots, bananas, oranges, apples, and especially red grapefruit. These foods will only help if you cut down on saturated fats and dairy products, of course.

Do you smoke? I hope not, for smoking definitely raises your blood pressure. Do you drink a lot of alcohol? Sorry, but that also raises your blood pressure. However, the good news is that the occasional glass of red wine can actually be beneficial for the heart. Just don't overdo it.

The bottom line in all this is simply that the right herbs alone will help in reducing high blood pressure, but they will help so much more if you give them a little boost by exercising, eating the right foods, increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables, and just being sensible. It's your life, your only life, so don't you think it's worth it?






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