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Alistrol Is The Formula Clinically Tested And Shown To:
  • Support healthy heart function.
  • Help to maintain healthy arteries.
  • Facilitate blood flow and central and peripheral vascular circulation.
  • Help to promote blood flow to the heart.
  • Aid in keeping a healthy blood pressure within the pulmonary artery, and within all arteries in general.
Alistrol is believed to work by rendering arterial walls more flexible and more resistant to accumulating plaque, and by causing blood vessels to dilate so that their capacity to carry oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body is increased. Alistrol also includes bioflavonoid, which are powerful natural antioxidants.

Stacey Miller, N.D., a Florida- based naturopathic physician on the Alistrol Health team, says "We researched and developed this proprietary herbal extract based on ancient Chinese texts which provides the highest level of effectiveness and health benefits to you, our valued customer.

I hadn't had my blood pressure in control for some time now. With Alistrol, after six weeks of use, my blood pressure is where is should be.

Ken Hagen, Missouri

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